1) To create a patient account, login to you admin account and select the "Create New User" button on the Users table.

    2) From here, you will need to enter patient first and last name, patient email (clientname@organization.com, for example), User Type (select patient if you wish to create a patient account), organization, location (always select location 1 even if it only provides the one option), timezone, and Password (Password123).

    3) Before clicking "Save" after filling out this information, make sure that the "Send welcome email" toggle is unchecked as you will be using fake email addresses and will not need to send a welcome email.

    4) Once the patient is created, you will need to associate him/her to a provider in their organization. To add association, select this patient's name and the provider's name and click "Add Association". This will allow this provider to schedule sessions with this client and will also allow the provider to view his/her patient file.