You can set your available time in "My Calendar." On the top of the page, click the "Set Available Time" button. A modal window will appear allowing you to select your availability. You can also decide to set repeat available times by clicking "Repeat" and selecting the appropriate repeat parameters. Click "Save" after selecting the start and end time. Once saved, the available time will appear blue on your calendar.


Your clients can view your availability by logging into their accounts and going to their "Provider's List." From there they can view this available time and request a session by clicking on "View Provider's Availability" to the right of your name, and clicking into the desired available time event.


If one of your clients or potential clients requests a session, you will receive an email notification asking you to approve or decline the request. If you approve, the session will be scheduled for that time and your client will be notified of the scheduled session via email. If you decline, your client will also be notified.