1. Login to your Telemedico Account. 

2. Scroll down to the Today’s Reminders section on the left side-bar, and click on the Check-In button. You can also check-in by visiting the My Calendar tab, clicking on the scheduled session event, and clicking Check-In.

3. Once you've clicked Check-In, you will be asked if it's okay to notify your patient that you are ready to start the session. Click Okay, and you will be directed to the Pre-Session Agreement page. Ensure that the correct session type is checked off and agree to the session by clicking the "I Agree" button.

4. To start the Video Session click the Start Session button.

5. If you start the session using the WebRTC video solution (you can tell this if you see "In Use" under the WebRTC column), a pop-up will appear at the top of your URL bar asking if you to allow the use of your microphone and webcam. Always click "Allow" in Chrome and "Share Selected Devices" in Firefox.

6. Your patient will have to conduct the same steps in his or hers account to Check-In to the Session.