Session types are required before you can schedule a session. These session types are what tell the software how long the session will be and how much you will charge.


There are two ways to create session types:


  1. Go to My Network> My Account> Session Types. From there, click the "Add Session Type" link, and enter your Session Type's description, rate, and duration. You will also decide here if this session type will be publicly viewable by your clients or not. Remember to click the "Update" button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.
  2. You can also add new session types while scheduling a session by going to "My Calendar" and clicking on "Schedule Session". From there, click the "Add New Session Type" button. Enter your Session Type's description, rate, and duration, and click the green "Create Session Type" button.

All the session types you create will appear in the drop-down when scheduling a session. You can select from the drop-down to choose the correct session type for that session or begin typing the name of the session type, and select.